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Free Dots! Android App & Review

Downloads: 30
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.0
Publisher: Brad Seay
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About Dots! Android App
  • Become a Dots master by playing this fascinating android game, Dots!. The players can change difficulty level anytime they want without restarting the game. If you don't know gameplay, then you can look for full 'How to Play Info.

    Main Highlights:
    * Now no need to pick up pencil & paper, Dots! is available for android.
    * Ad-supported Version.
    * 2 Awesome Modes:
    - One Player Mode: Play against complex AI opponent (Android) in this mode. It's AI engine always performs different moves, it never repeats the same moves like other Dots games.
    - Two Player Mode: You are able to play with any of your friends.
    * Ability to mute or unmute sound.

Supported Android versions: All
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