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DocumentsToGo Full Version Key Android App & Review

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Category: Business Android Apps
Version: 3.001
File Size: 57 KB
Publisher: DataViz, Inc
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About DocumentsToGo Full Version Key Android App
  • Use DocumentsToGo Full Version Key app and easily edit, view & create almost all the documents like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. This app is the first ever mobile office suite for android that offers complete solution for viewing and editing all the documents. DocumentsToGo application offers complete for attachments, built-in file browse, memory card and Live Folder for recently used documents and password-protected files. It has localized in multiple languages like Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, English and many others.

    The users can quickly send or receive any attachments via Gmail and RoadSync as this app is integrated with both of them. It doesn't requires any desktop or server conversion for opening word and excel files on the android device.

    * Word To Go:
    - It includes almost all the rich formatting features like italics, underline, bold, alignment, numbered lists, bookmarks and many others.

    * Slideshow To Go:
    - Through this feature, you can instantly ‘flick' through almost all the slides, rehearse timing, review notes and make last minute changes to your presentations.

    * Sheet To Go:
    - Get powerful data computation along with the support for 111 functions, cell, sheet formatting, freeze panes, undo, redo, cut, copy and much more.

    * Desktop Synchronization:
    - It allows you to easily transfer your all the files to your android device from your Windows PC through USB.
    - Intact technology automatically syncs and maintains 100% formatting, if any edits will be made in any location.

    * Google Docs Support:
    - Through this feature, the users can view, edit or download all their files in Docs To Go directly from their Google Docs account.
    - Moreover, if you do any changes in your files then it saves and synchronizes back all your changes to Google Docs so as to facilitate the up-to-date version.
    - It also allows you to make new files in Docs To Go.
    - Easily upload all your created files to your account.

    * PDF To Go:
    - View all your significant reference materials in high-fidelity by using options like page view, auto-rotate, bookmarks, word wrap, select, search and many others.

Supported Android versions: All
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