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Diabetiga Android App & Review

Downloads: 206
Category: Health & Fitness Android Apps
Version: 2.2
Publisher: KyaliApps
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About Diabetiga Android App
  • Diabetiga is the most comprehensive and essential app for all health conscious people. It helps you in calculating various diabetes parameters so that you can easily manage your diabetes. Track diabetes of your family or friends by storing multiple profiles in this app. You can track weight, insulin and many others day-to-day and even track it for future checking.

    Use Diabetes Ganaka to perform following calculations:

    * Glucose Calculations:
    - Calculate average blood glucose, mean plasma glucose & estimated average glucose based on HbA1c.

    * Hidden Calories Calculations (On Labeled Products).

    * Corrected Dosage(with & without Ketones).

    * Insulin Ratios:
    - Calculate ratio of blood sugar to insulin, blood sugar to carbohydrates & carbohydrates to insulin.

    * Corrected Calcium Calculations on the bases of current Calcium & Albumin levels.

    * Obesity Calculations:
    - You can calculate BMI, body frame type, ideal weight, obesity level, body water percentage etc.

Supported Android versions: All
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