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Free Devanagari for AnySoftKeyBoard Android App & Review

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Category: Tools Android Apps
(Keyboard Android Apps)
Version: 20110625-DEVANAGARI
File Size: 14 KB
Publisher: AnySoftKeyBoard
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About Devanagari for AnySoftKeyBoard Android App
  • Devanagari for AnySoftKeyBoard is an interesting Android App which makes the user to type letters and sentences in Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi etc... The whole layout of the app is based on Baraha which is far easy to learn than an INSCRIPT. Install or else you may have to root and install Devanagari Font.

    Steps of downloading the app:
    1. Install AnySoft keyboard & Devanagari Layout
    2. Go to Settings -> Language & Keyboards
    3. Enable Anysoft keyboard
    4. Go to AnySoftKeyboard -> Keyboards -> Enable Devanagari layout
    5. Click on "Click for text testing", press & hold input box until a popup comes
    6. Select "Input method" -> AnySoftKeyboard
    7. You can switch between languages by pressing "->ABC->" button on Keyboard

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
Devanagari for AnySoftKeyBoard Screenshots:
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Devanagari for AnySoftKeyBoard