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Free Currency Converter Plus Calculator Android App & Review

Downloads: 94
Category: Finance Android Apps
(Converter Android Apps)
Version: 3.0
Publisher: mekDroid, Inc.
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About Currency Converter Plus Calculator Android App
  • Currency Converter Plus Calculator is the most useful application that helps you in shopping while on the go. It acts as both currency converter and full-featured calculator for you. The app offers full support for 146 currencies and gold, silver, platinum & palladium. The users can easily calculate a discount amount by using the 'Percent Button'. It lists all the major currencies first and all the others are listed in alphabetical order by country. There is one option in settings through which app automatically updates rates of Yahoo Finance every time you will open this application. Search currency exchange locations and banks by using options (uses Google Maps app) that is situated in menu.

    * How to use:
    - Firstly, click on flags in order to select any 2 currencies.
    - Enter your figure in the calculater to check out it in both of the currencies.

    * How to enter exchange fee:
    - Go to Menu-> Settings-> choose a commission rate. (Shows 0 as default).
    - Now, after that whenever you will enter any commission, the app automatically adjusts exchange rate to show you your payable net amount of commission in both currencies.

    * How to see a list of all the currencies: (currency symbol, the name & the countries)
    - Go to Menu-> See all currencies.

    * Manually Refresh Rates:
    Go to Menu -> Update from Yahoo

    Note: The app uses the SD Card to store the rates.You cannot use this app while you are connected to your PC via USB. Install Google Maps app if not yet installed then download it.

Supported Android versions: All
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