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Crystallight Defense Android App & Review

Downloads: 74
Category: Games Android Apps
(Defense Android Apps)
Version: 2.5.3
Publisher: Smartpix Games Apps
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About Crystallight Defense Android App
  • Crystallight Defense is the game in which Mech Lord, a master of Iron Monsters wants to destroy Kingdom of Forty Castles, they come to destroy castle through underground forge, now you have to battle with monsters before they reach the castle to save forty castles. Here iron monster comes turn by turn and a wave indicator which shows us how much monsters are going to come and at which time so that we shall prepare to fight with them. It also shows monsters type, quantity and average health of this wave but what you need to do is to hold trackball button and touch wave indicator. You also get some prize score which will be shown in the bottom of the forge if you strongly destroy the monsters but remember that the amount of that score is going to decreases as the time passes do so the quicker you destroy them the more prize score you earn. Here to get an award Wave forcing is essential.


    * Plug Magic Crystals to towers to shoot at monsters
    * Construct new towers and other objects, mix and enchant Crystals
    * Exclusive 40 castles
    * 4 base types of crystals and you can also mixed them with each other
    * 18 types of monsters
    * 2 game modes
    * Improved online score system with 7 tables and users' profiles

Supported Android versions: All
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Crystallight Defense