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CryptoSafe Pro Android App & Review

Downloads: 39
Category: Tools Android Apps
Version: 2.0
Publisher: mekDroid, Inc.
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About CryptoSafe Pro Android App
  • CryptoSafe Pro is a comprehensive android application through which you can easily store all your sensitive information, bank accounts, credit cards and passwords in an encrypted database. It features strong Triple-DES+AES Encryption, auto-timeout and self-destruct.

    Main Features:

    * Easy Browse:
    - It has easy to use Browse button that allows you to quickly access any website(URL).
    - Copies password to the clipboard.

    * Encrypted Database:
    - CryptoSafe application keeps your entire database encrypted all the times and it will only decrypt entries of it over the air as you access them.
    - The application will never save or export your database in any other form.

    * Remote Wipe:
    - Instantly send text message to your android device in order to wipe the entire database, if sometimes it is stolen or misplaced.

    * Duress Passwords:
    - The users can assign their one or more than one passwords as ‘Duress'.
    - If you logged in by using Duress' password, it automatically deletes the real data.

    * Decoy Data:
    - Create multiple passwords.
    - It allows you to keep set of "Decoy" data that is encrypted under your alternate created password so that even if someone forced you to tell your password, you are able to keep real passwords secret.

    * Separate Forms:
    - Get separate forms for website passwords, bank accounts, credit cards, private contacts and notes within this application

    * Deniable Encryption:
    - The app provides full support for Deniable Encryption which enables you to plausibly deny some specific information that is stored on your android device.

    * Stealth Mode:
    - Switch to Stealth Mode to see all the hidden menu items, references and even documentation.

    * Hardening Against Dictionary Attacks:
    - It protects your android device against multiple attacks including off-line Dictionary Attack which is the most dangerous attack for this kind of local database app.
    - To know more about technology behind Dictionary Attacks and CryptoSafe's protection procedure, you can read the "About Strong Passwords" documentation.

    * Backup Options:
    - Back-up your all your data in encrypted form to either SD Card or e-mail account as an attachment or FilesAnywhere account.

Supported Android versions: All
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