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Free CryptoSafe Lite Android App & Review

Downloads: 97
Category: Tools Android Apps
(Security Android Apps)
Version: 3.0
Publisher: mekDroid, Inc.
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About CryptoSafe Lite Android App
  • Now easily store any of your sensitive information inside a secure encrypted database by using CryptoSafe Lite application. This app offers separate form for website passwords, notes, bank accounts and many others. It also features strong triple-DES+AES encryption, automatic timeout and self-destruct. You are able to create multiple passwords in this app so that you can keep "Decoy" data which is encrypted under an additional password.

    Other Features:
    * Deniable Encryption:
    - With Deniable Encryption feature, this app protects your android device from some attacks including dictionary attack that is the most powerful form of attack for the apps having local database.
    - Ability to encrypt some specific information with 'Plausibly deny' function.

    * Duress Passwords:
    - The users are able to assign one or more passwords as 'Duress' and whenever they will log in by using that password then the app automatically deletes the real data.

    * Stealth Mode:
    - Check out all your deniable encryption and duress features related hidden menu items, documentation & references by switching to Stealth Mode.

    * Hardening against Dictionary Attacks:
    - Know more about dictionary attacks and protection process of CryptoSafe by reading 'About Strong Passwords' section.

    * Easy Browse:
    - Easily access anything that has a URL by using its Browse button.
    - It automatically copies password to the clipboard.

    * Encrypted Database:
    - It keeps your database encrypted almost for all times and as you access its entries, they will be automatically decrypted over the air.
    - The app will never save your any information in other forms.

    * Remote Wipe:
    - If anytime your phone will be stolen, then you can wipe its database simply by sending a text message (Use Remote Wipe option).

    * Backup Options:
    Backup your data in encrypted form by using any of the 4 options:
    - Back up from the app to SD Card.
    - Back up to your e-mail account as attachment.
    - Back up to FilesAnywhere.
    - Back up to your Google Docs account.

Supported Android versions: All
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