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Free Crack the Code Free Android App & Review

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Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.21
File Size: 3379 KB
Publisher: Optime Software
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About Crack the Code Free Android App
  • Test your smartness by playing a simple puzzle game named Crack the Code!!! The players have to crack the code, which was set by evil computer mastermind. Play against your device and try to Crack the Code in least amount of guesses in order to remove in-game advertisements.

    Your computer has randomly chosen some difficult combination of colors, which you have to guess in the correct sequence. Simply by tapping on an empty slot, the players are able to choose the color to place down the peg. Whenever you wish to change your mind mid-selection, you can tap the ball with an "x" inside. There are multiple colors like red, pink, orange, purple, yellow, blue, green and white. Switch to small pegs to check out your right and wrong guesses. Don't worry if you can't crack the code within allotted turns, the game will show you correct pegs at the top of the game board. Go to settings to use Letter mode specially designed for colorblind players.

    Trial and Error:
    - Black: Shows that players guessed the correct color and even put it in the right place
    - White: Shows that you have guessed the correct color but put it in the incorrect place
    - Empty: Shows that the wrong color has been chosen and placed in the wrong place

    3 difficulty levels:
    - Easy: Here, players have to crack the code by using only 3 pegs
    - Medium: You are allowed to fill 4 empty slots with pegs
    - Hard: Try to put 5 pegs in correct sequence

Supported Android versions: Android 1.5 and higher
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Crack the Code Free Android App Recent Changes
  • Added support for Android tablets, including the Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Motorola Xoom
  • Minor bug fixes
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Crack the Code Free