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Convertor Pro Android App & Review

Downloads: 52
Category: Business Android Apps
(Converter Android Apps)
Version: 2.2.0
Publisher: Udell Enterprises Inc
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About Convertor Pro Android App
  • Convert almost all the different units of measurement with this awesome application. Convertor Pro app offers you effortless converting for various units. The app converts as you type a unit name so there is no need to press Convert button for it. The users can also use mixed units such as feet+inches and many others for converting. You also have an ability to mix some complicated fractions like and 0.5. Swipe or long-press using your fingers on the screen or check out the menu option to change between different units. Convertor Pro app also features currency conversions and unit calculator with clipboard memory. The users will find 400 units (Force, Area, Speed, Weight & Mass and much more) in 25 different categories.

Supported Android versions: All
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Convertor Pro