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Commando Premium Android App & Review

Downloads: 32
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 3.5
Publisher: iQapps
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About Commando Premium Android App
  • Commando Premium is a passionate game for your android device. In this game some terrorists have took over a USAF C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft which containing military equipment. Now these terrorists have located at some place in Nigeria and plan to sell the cargo to the local rebel group called N.A.M.D. Here you have to save that cargo aircraft on behalf of Major John McKenzie, best sniper in the US Army Special Forces. As a Major John McKenzie, you have to secretly trace the hijackers into Africa and save cargo before it delivered to the Nigerian rebels also save many innocent lives, for that purpose you have to stay in the Oshogbo region, near the Burkisashu Village - the only known N.A.M.D. camp location. You have to also be ready to kill the fiercest enemies.


    * Interesting storyline
    * Six challenging missions which includes daytime and nighttime missions
    * As you go forward in the game, play progressive difficulty levels
    * You can see mission briefs, story and info screens for every mission
    * See descriptions of the combat areas, enemies and area leaders graphically
    * Huge number of mission environments, in relation with the storyline
    * Well trained enemies and area leaders
    * Outstanding musical themes and sound effects
    * Exquisite design
    * Overall level difficulty increased
    * Enemies with improved weapons.

Supported Android versions: All
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Commando Premium