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Free Colorful Flowers 2011 Wallpapers Android App & Review

Downloads: 133
Category: Entertainment Android Apps
(Wallpaper Android Apps)
Version: 1.0
Publisher: Mob4 Apps
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About Colorful Flowers 2011 Wallpapers Android App
  • Colorful Flowers 2011 Wallpapers is an amazing app for your android device which clusters high resolution images in a systematic array of screens. Here, a list of the images are arranged as thumbnails which allow you to select the image of your choice and also displays your selected image's preview in its enlarged original size whenever you click on the image.

    It includes HD wallpapers & backgrounds. The included images and pictures are the part of different domains, right from pop culture to foreign culture. It has easy to use user interface which allows user to simply tap and swipe through the amazing image galleries and also has Tablet support. It also includes various pictures that are photographed in the greatest clarity and pixel density. You can download high resolution photos for your personal use and also can set them as a wallpaper.

Supported Android versions: All
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Colorful Flowers 2011 Wallpapers