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Chess Android App & Review

Downloads: 39
Category: Games Android Apps
(Chess Android Apps)
Version: 1.55
Publisher: AI Factory Limited
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About Chess Android App
  • Chess is a classic board game which is now available for your android device with excellent ion-built features. If you are a beginner, then first check out chess-move manual before starting the game. The Show CPU Thinking option shows the next possible move of Treebeard to help you improve your game. With the help of manual mode, you can use a game clock to limit gameplay from 5 to 60 minutes and moves from 5 to 60 seconds. Check out 3 awesome chessboard layouts and 3 choices of chessmen on its user-friendly interface. Enjoy plying with a twist through handicap adjustment in Match Settings screen. The players can handicape the white chessmen in both modes by eliminating knight, pawn, queen or rook. After checkmate, you will find an option on your screen which can be used to see your earlier moves.

    What's more:
    - Play against Treebeard
    - 10 levels from novice to expert
    - Advanced AI
    - 2-players mode to play with any friend
    - Tracks full gaming history
    - Tracks statistics as per your performance against Treebeard
    - Awesome touch-screen & trackball capabilities

Supported Android versions: Android 1.5 and higher
Chess Screenshots:
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Chess Android App Recent Changes
  • Improved layouts for tablets
  • Faster CPU thinking time for most devices
  • Improved CPU timer game play strength for most devices
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