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Free Catch the Coins Android App & Review

Downloads: 72
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.0
Publisher: Solverlabs, LLC
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About Catch the Coins Android App
  • Experience playing a fascinating and captivating physics-based puzzle game named Catch the Coins. In this game, you will find one little leprechaun named Colin who loves coins very much. Use magic wood to help him in collecting multiple coins into his pot of gold. Your level will be completed, if you successfully help Colin in catching just one coin. Win maximum possible stars by catching as many coins as you can. On each level, the players can use wooden sticks and build some awesome constructions to easily make the trickiest catch of coins. If you use less magic wood sticks, then your final score will be better. Check out some mechanic objects like metal trolleys, springs, rotating wheels & stones in each level which you can use to catch coins. Cross magic wooden sticks by using your finger in order to combine them together. You must require best creativity and puzzle solving skills to win this game.

    The game has 30 challenging levels, real-time physics engine and nice graphics. You are able to use many different ways to complete each thrilling puzzle.

Supported Android versions: All
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Catch the Coins