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Cambridge School Dictionary Android App & Review

Downloads: 43
Category: Books Android Apps
(Dictionary Android Apps)
Version: 3.0
Publisher: MobiSystems Apps
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About Cambridge School Dictionary Android App
  • Cambridge School Dictionary is the most comprehensive and versatile android application that is specially designed for students. It includes up-to-date coverage of almost all international GCSE and CLIL topics with clear-cut definitions that you can learn by using English language. Easily learn any word with provided subject-related artwork within the app. All the study pages pay maximum attention many difficult & complicated areas including numbers & letter writing. Simply by clicking button, you can discover smart thesaurus to enhance your knowledge.

    Check out last 50 words that you have looked up previously by using ‘History' features on your phone. Use Fuzzy filter in case of wrong spell to get list of related words. Quickly locate all the examples of a key word within available compound words. By using "?" and "*" symbols, the users can change a letter or group of letters into words. Test your knowledge with Word of the day widget that is displayed on your home screen. Find any word from other installed dictionaries by using standard phone search feature.

    * Based on third edition of Cambridge Learner's Dictionary.
    * Focuses on collocation to improve fluency.
    * Offers all the study pages at one place to save your time.
    * Spoken pronunciations
    * Prefect for CLIL-based teaching.
    * Powered by MSDict technology.
    * Transcriptions make pronunciation of any word easier.
    * Shows the word instantly as you start typing it.
    * Grammar & usage information for all words.
    * Get hyperlinks between related words.
    * Install it one SD card.
    * Scroll any article rapidly.

Supported Android versions: All
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Cambridge School Dictionary