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Cambridge ADVANCED Learner's Android App & Review

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Version: 3.0.80
Publisher: MobiSystems Apps
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About Cambridge ADVANCED Learner's Android App
  • Cambridge ADVANCED Learner's is an android application which offers the most easiest way to learn English language. This second edition includes approx 170000 up-to-date phrases, words and examples. Application also provides the most frequent information which features almost all important words of language. Cambridge ESOL exams bring 200+ 'Common Learner Error' notes on the basis of Cambridge Learner Corpus.

    It provides words only from defining vocabulary to facilitate easy understanding of each definition. Learn how to write and use natural English in context through more than 90000 full sentence examples. Check out how each word works together in English with the help of integrated 25,000 collocations. Use History feature to check past 50 words that you have looked up previously.


    - Offers all-new 'mini-collocation' boxes
    - Presented in MSDict electronic format
    - Search the word as you write
    - Pronunciation for all words become easy with transcriptions
    - Get hyperlinks between all related words
    - Full support for all installed dictionaries
    - SD card support

Supported Android versions: All
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