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Call Control Android App & Review

Downloads: 28
Category: Tools Android Apps
Version: 2.2.1
Publisher: Kedlin Company LLC
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About Call Control Android App
  • Block telemarketing and other spam calls instantly on your android device by using Call Control Android app. It is preloaded with more than thousands of spam callers instantly on your blacklist. It is the first application that easily blocks telemarketers with no participation from the user.

    As we know our Call Control is preloaded with more than thousands of spam callers and is automatically updated to stay telemarketers who are calling you. That's why users label it SUPER BLACKLIST appication for Android

    It includes a Community Blacklist of spam callers holding more than 2.5 million numbers, which are automatically updated & blocked to your device. Such blacklist is created from user reports and on the basis of Do Not Call complaints. Through this app you will save time, minutes and money by keeping away annoying telemarketers and pesky callers from calling.


    * Block Calls automatically from more than thousands of known spam callers.
    * Daily Community Blacklist Updates
    * Blocked calls don't ring - Send to Voicemail or Pickup and Hangup.
    * Personal Blacklist and White list
    * Blacklist and report calls directly from the Android call log.
    * Block Private and Unknown Callers.
    * Report callers to easily from your Android.
    * Block telemarketers reported by Do Not Call complaints.
    * Call log shows "Blocked Calls".
    * Address book contacts are never blocked.
    * Free Online Integration - Handle your call reports from your free profile at
    * Free product updates and support.

Supported Android versions: All
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Call Control