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Call And Text Eraser | CATE Android App & Review

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Category: Social Networking Android Apps
(Security Android Apps)
Version: 1.2
File Size: 622 KB
Publisher: CateApp
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About Call And Text Eraser | CATE Android App
  • Call And Text Eraser | CATE offers simple and convenient way to block MMS, calls and texts. Also avoid conflicts with your significant other while working in Stealth Mode.

    Secret Number:
    - The user can easily access the application by choosing 4-digit secret code and dialing it from phone's keypad. Now any unauthorized users will not be able to find out CATE on your phone.

    Add & Edit Contacts:
    - Effortlessly make a kind of 'Blacklist' for people from your contact list. It allows you to include those numbers which are not saved in your phone.

    Stealth Mode:
    - The app can be operated in background of your phone while it's in this mode. It automatically cuts off any calls as well as text messages from 'Blacklist' contacts. The unique application intelligently stores all your missed calls for retrieval at your leisure.

    Quick Clean:
    - CATE will also scan your entire call-log or text messages and delete entire conversations with people that are added to your 'Blacklist'.

    Select Icon & Text:
    - There are more than 50 different icons included which can be used in the app. It allows you to create text under icon as per your choice.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
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Call And Text Eraser | CATE Android App Recent Changes
  • All minor bugs reported are FIXED! Depending on your phone, the update may reset your Secret Code to '4444'. You can re-set it after you download the update!
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Call And Text Eraser | CATE