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Calculator Ultimate Android App & Review

Downloads: 59
Category: Tools Android Apps
(Calculator Android Apps)
Version: 1.2.0
Publisher: DuckSeason Development Team
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About Calculator Ultimate Android App
  • Use the full version of best selling android app named Calculator Ultimate!!! It is an easy to use and most comprehensive tool along with ample calculating capabilities. If you want to use equation calculator, scientific calculator, matrix calculator and unit converter in one single app, then buy this all today. The functions of the application are divided into 5 major tabs including Equations, Matrices, Conversions, Basic and Scientific. you can easily and instantly switch from one function to other to perform your complex operations. App enables users for basic arithmetic, powers, roots, factorials and many more calculations. It allows you to convert complex numbers to polar coordinates and polar coordinates into complex numbers. Perform Matrix operations like multiplication of matrix by a number, determinant of a matrix, transpose matrix and addition/multiplication of 2 matrices.

    - Support for trigonometric functions
    - Get accurate solution of 2nd & 3rd degree equations
    - Offers quick solution of two to four unknowns
    - Supports differential & definite integral calculus
    - Ability to convert numerous units into SI & many other systems including pressure, length, energy etc
    - Check out full history of results
    - Switch left or right between multiple tabs
    - Save up to 11 values with Memory feature
    - Use rads or degrees in your trigonometric calculations

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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Calculator Ultimate Android App Recent Changes
  • Ability to save screens of calculations in order to retrieve them later by name
  • Added button E at Basic Tab
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Calculator Ultimate