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Business Card Reader with CJK Android App & Review

Downloads: 40
Category: Business Android Apps
(Business Card Reader Android Apps)
Version: 1.1
Publisher: SHAPE Services
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About Business Card Reader with CJK Android App
  • Use Business Card Reader with CJK app and add any new contact simply by taking a picture of a business card. This application uses the most advanced text recognition technology to scan & read the picture and add all the data into suitable fields of your Android device address book. Have you get bored with manual input of phone numbers, names or emails? If yes, then this app is definitely for you.

    It recognizes business cards in multiple languages like Spanish, Japanese, German, English, French, Korean and Italian. Do you live active social or business life? Then you can easily make business deals and transactions through this app. There is no need to remember, store and search your important contacts, simply scan them and add to your device by using this most comprehensive application. Without leaving any program, you can find details about scanned contact and even read the person profile in LinkedIn.

Supported Android versions: All
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Business Card Reader with CJK