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Business Calendar Android App & Review

Downloads: 37
Category: Productivity Android Apps
(Calendar Android Apps)
Publisher: Mikado Software UG
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About Business Calendar Android App
  • Business Calendar is a vital & reliable calendar application with zoomable multi-day & smooth scroll view. It provides textual & graphical presentation. This app provides synchronizing with Google calendars. It also offers view of day, month, agenda & event. Use favorite bar to instantly fade out/in calendars. For day, week, month & agenda view, the users can easily set configurable home screen widgets.

    Instantly open days of interest in the multi-day view by simply moving your finger over it in month view. While adding a new event, the users can check day overview. This app also offers variety of options for recurrent events. You can easily & quickly switch between event titles & timeline bars in month view. Business Calendar app also has context-sensitive help system through which you can optimize your work with it. It also features search function & drag&drop functionality.

    - If you want to use the widgets then don't move the application to SD card.
    - If you want to get alarm messages for your events then don't disable reminders of the stock calendar application (Application depends on the reminders of the stock calendar application).

Supported Android versions: All
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Business Calendar