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Free Bubble Box Android App & Review

Downloads: 54

Category: Games Android Apps
Release: 2013-06-12
Version: 3.0
File Size: 25M KB
Publisher: GlobalFun Games (
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About Bubble Box Android App
  • It's always an adventure for perpetual busy bodies, Larry and Vicky, scouting for small treasures and crumbs of tasty treats.

    Their inquisitive little noses have led them to a dusty old attic where they stumbled upon a forgotten old trunk filled with 8 mysterious boxes marked with ancient engravings.
    Each box contains 12 different configurations of bubbles which you must burst as quickly as you can by grouping 3 bubbles of the same color.

    This addictive game even lets you stop, redirect, and bounce bubbles off the wall - useful tactics for complex configurations.

    What happens when the last box is solved and Larry and Vicky unlock the dazzling mystery of the trunk?
    Work your way through all 8 levels to discover the secret that's been locked in the attic for ages!


Supported Android versions: Android 2.2 and higher
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Bubble Box