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Brake Time- (Distracted Driving Deterrent) Android App & Review

Downloads: 234
Category: Transportation Android Apps
Version: 1.0
File Size: 1409 KB
Publisher: Just Pause It
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About Brake Time- (Distracted Driving Deterrent) Android App
  • Brake Time- (Distracted Driving Deterrent) is a reliable and essential application for your android device which allows you to manage your android device for you. While you are driving, you can reduce all distractions by using this app. Once set, it enables your 'Auto Mode' through which your all calls will go to voicemail and your incoming messages & emails will be saved. It leaves you in control by using GPS and sensing your speed. You can also attend calls of any five (maximum) contacts of your choice at any time.

    This app also sends customized auto replies and status updates to the people texting you or calling you. Here suitable delays are already set for traffic lights and stop signs and GPS must be activated on that time. It also includes 'passenger override' technology and 'driver override' and to activate this technologies you need to just tap your device. You can also do emergency dialing in case of urgency. Thus this app provides you most essential features without the pressure of 'locked out' of your phone by others.

Supported Android versions: All
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Brake Time- (Distracted Driving Deterrent)