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Battery Saver by iamgreen Android App & Review

Downloads: 40
Category: Tools Android Apps
(Battery Android Apps)
Version: 2.0
File Size: 3837 KB
Publisher: iamgreen, LLC
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About Battery Saver by iamgreen Android App
  • Simply control all your utilities through single screen and expand your device's battery life with Battery Saver by iamgreen- ANDROID 2.0 application!! With the help of this unique & exclusive app, you can easily control & manage all the settings which use most power on your phone. You just need to press "Go Green" button in order to save power whenever it's needed the most. Join global movement across the most popular mobile platforms to decrease environmental impact of phones. Through the one screen, you can easily control Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, volume, brightness and much more. You'll be able to receive daily green news, facts, tips and more through this application. Challenge a quiz to evaluate greenness and enter worldwide competition.

Supported Android versions: All
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Battery Saver by iamgreenŽ-ANDROID 1.6
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Battery Saver by iamgreen