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Backgammon Pro II Android App & Review

Downloads: 44
Category: Games Android Apps
(Backgammon Android Apps)
Version: 4.00
Publisher: ZingMagic Limited Apps
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About Backgammon Pro II Android App
  • Backgammon Pro II is a highly praised simple board game by ZingMagic. In this game, the main goal of the players is to move the pieces around the board towards their inner table. All of the 15 pieces will be removed from the board, when they will be arrived in the inner table. The first player who will remove all the pieces from the board will be the winner. This game introduces an element of luck because here the moves rely on the roll of the dice that allows even a beginner to win the odd game against any world champion.

    This version of Backgammon allows the players to play the most popular of board games to a high standard anytime & anywhere. The players can play against another human player or the computer on the same device. It has multiple levels of computer play from beginner to expert and also high quality AI particularly at expert level. This game includes all the official rules of original Backgammon game, mainly those rules which are concerned with bearing off. Backgammon Pro II has an undo & redo of moves and optional play with doubling dice. The players can easily check their last move and hints. This game supports multiple player & game, alternate boards & pieces and multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish & Italian). It has clean crisp graphics & a powerful game play engine which make your game more challenging.

Supported Android versions: All
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Backgammon Pro II