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Astraware Sudoku Android App & Review

Downloads: 70
Category: Games Android Apps
(Sudoku Android Apps)
Version: 1.6.0
Publisher: Astraware
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About Astraware Sudoku Android App
  • Astraware Sudoku is a number puzzle game in which you have to locate numbers 1 to 9 into a grid (9X9) of cells as a result each column or row holds just one of each number. It provides you variety of options that assist you solve puzzles which includes manual or automatic pencilmarks. This application also consists of an intelligent hints system and the new hold & highlight system which help in displaying a specific number or pencilmark that assist the player for what to look and where to look.

    This app also offers you various methods of downloading puzzles. You can download puzzle bunches from the SudokuOfTheDay server and also through online. You are also able to compare your scores with other users from all over the world. You can also play or add puzzles from books as well as newspapers and also acquire Astraware Sudoku's expert help and support to solve puzzles.

    * Now select your own way to play puzzles by using various control methods through which you can move around and enter numbers with the trackball, number keys, touchscreen or any mixture of these.
    * The integarted dedicated user friendly website comes with variety of unique techniques for puzzle solving at SudokuOfTheDay server.

Supported Android versions: All
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Astraware Sudoku