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Free Aqua Pets Android App & Review

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Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.1.0
File Size: 23361 KB
Publisher: Bionic Panda Games, Inc.
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About Aqua Pets Android App
  • Experience a captivating and fascinating fishing and aquarium game on your portable android device with "Aqua Pets"!! Here, your main objective is to simply decorate your very own aquarium and completely stock it with some coolest & array of exotic fishes that you've caught. Turn your smartphone into gigantic aquarium by simply activating live wallpaper feature. Also watch out fishes even when you are not playing it. Utilize unique combinations of rods and bait for fishing in order to find out hidden secrets about the game.

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Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
Aqua Pets Screenshots:
Aqua Pets Android App Recent Changes
  • Added Fish Food tab in Tank Store
  • Added Fish Feeding in the tank (double tap to place food you have bought)
  • Added Fish Rewards (tap on fed fish the next day. they will glow.)
  • Added Help Tips for Fish Feeding and Fish Rewards
  • Added sorting by Rarity and Alphabetical in Tank Storage
  • Color-coded fish names by rarity
  • Added total fish caught statistic in Fishopedia
  • Added how many times you caught a fish and its rarity in the fish caught dialog
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Aqua Pets