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Antigen: Outbreak Android App & Review

Downloads: 51
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.1d
Publisher: Battery Powered Games, LLC
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About Antigen: Outbreak Android App
  • Antigen: Outbreak is an attack-oriented puzzle game for your Android device. In this game, you are one Antigen and your aim is to break every Antigen comes in your way for more points. Every Antigen comes with different Antigen-binding site and you can break them only getting from binding site and therefore you have to spin your antigen right, left, up and down very quickly otherwise they will pass from your way.

    * The whole new game concept
    * OpenGL 2D Graphics
    * Including four levels with Auto Save facility
    * More Songs and 2 new power-ups
    * Leaderboard & Achievements
    * No Advertise harass

Supported Android versions: All
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Antigen: Outbreak