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Free Anti Mosquito Android App & Review

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Category: Medical Android Apps
Release: 2012-12-10
Version: 1.3
File Size: 1.3M KB
Publisher: TruApps (
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About Anti Mosquito Android App
  • Anti Mosquito is the best ultrasonic Mosquito repellent application for Android Smart-device. This application emit high frequency ultra sound so that most mosquitoes find distasteful and mosquitoes cannot bit you. You may know that only female mosquitoes bite us and mosquitoes stay away from certain sonic frequencies. You know that Mosquito bite can lead to malaria, dengue, fever, hey fever, allergy, chikangunya etc. So keep away mosquito and save life. Anti Mosquito avoid environment pollution and toxic gas. First you can turn up the volume to the highest level for a more effective sound. Then find the optimal repelling frequency for your region by using the frequency controls.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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Anti Mosquito