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AniPet Koi Live Wallpaper Android App & Review

Downloads: 34
Category: Entertainment Android Apps
Version: 2.0.2
File Size: 988.7 KB
Publisher: aniFree
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About aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper Android App
  • aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper lets you keep up to 15 animated Koi fish simultaneously on your screen. You can touch any of the koi to make them react. There are lots of different options that you can use to personalize your environment.

    - Choose from 30 different varieties of Koi
    - Select your own or use default background image
    - Add animated butterflies or dragonflies
    - Customize wallpaper with water colors and transparency levels
    - Animation speeds can vary can vary up to 10 different settings
    - Drop a piece of food by tapping on the screen to feed Koi
    - Koi can grow bigger and have babies
    - And lots more!

Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
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aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper Android App Recent Changes
  • Modified to enable up to 15 koi in the tank.
  • Fixed the baby koi display mismatch problem.
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aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper