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Angry Birds Seasons (Ad-Free) Android App & Review

Downloads: 239

Category: Games Android Apps
(Angry Birds Android Apps)
Version: 2.0.0
Publisher: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
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About Angry Birds Seasons (Ad-Free) Android App
  • Be prepared to play the most amazing and fascinating android game named Angry Birds Seasons.

    All the Angry Birds are on vacation but they still can't able to catch greedy green pigs. Are you ready to play with an all-new bird on the scene!!! The main goal of the players is to hunt each and every pig across 30 challenging levels which are completely packed with pagodas, red lanterns and rabbits. Use finger-powered slingshot and some easy to use touch controls to kill all pigs through 5 challenging adventures.

    As you fly through the air, try to destroy all those greedy swine by using your firepower, good strategy and plenty of holiday cheer. All the pigs use a bedsheet to scare the birds and engross them from the eggs. In 45+ spooky stages, carefully fly through lantern-lit clearings filled with many creepy trees, pig-filled pumpkins and moons. Be careful because, these greedy pi9gs may dress up as Santa Claus and attract you with beautiful gifts. You have to recognize them and kill them through the snow and ice in more than 25 days of yuletide revenge.

    In 18+ heartwarming levels, try to kill the pigs through the sticks and stones with extreme kindness. All these pigs need more than four-leaf clovers, tempting pots o' gold and buckled hats to attract each bird. In such case, players have to use all the birds to smash down all these pigs across 18+ levels of emerald action. In Easter special, the players have to help Angry Birds to victory by killing those greedy green pigs with lots of eggs.

    By sliding your finger through the touch-screen, you can pull back the slingshot and even manage each bird's trajectory. Throw your avian friends on greedy green foes by lifting your finger from the screen. While bird is in mid-flight, you have to tap the screen at the right moment to activate their special ability.

    Unlock Following Awards:
    Golden Eggs: Find out some hard-to-reach areas to get some prizes in all themed level packs. You can also select golden egg in any level from menu.
    Three-Star Bonuses: You can play additional bonus stage by earning 3 stars in each stage

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
Angry Birds Seasons (Ad-Free) Screenshots:
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Angry Birds Seasons (Ad-Free) Android App Recent Changes
  • Get ready for Ham'o'ween with the latest Angry Birds Seasons update! It's going to be all tricks and no treats for the pigs this year, especially with a brand new bird!
  • New features include:
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Angry Birds Seasons (Ad-Free)