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Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free) Android App & Review

Downloads: 109

Category: Games Android Apps
(Angry Birds Android Apps)
Version: 1.3.2
Publisher: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
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About Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free) Android App
  • Immerse yourself by playing one of the best android game named Angry Birds Rio.

    All the original Angry Birds were taken to one magical city of Rio de Janeiro after kidnapping. In this city, all these birds have successfully escape their captors and become ready to save their all friends. Join Blu and Jewel, a star of Fox motion picture in this amazing physics-based game. After the long time peace in Rio de Janeiro, once some animal smugglers were came to fill to kidnap all people.

    The game offers 5 fascinating episodes, 150 challenging levels, all-new achievements and epic boss fights. Angry Birds have successfully rescued their bungling captors. Help Angry Birds in escaping their winged friends by opening their cages. As your progress through game, you will find more & more challenges. Angry Birds must have courage and best strategy to escape Blu and Jewel against these animal smugglers. To save your friends, you just have to slide your finger over the screen and pull back to open cage. Unleash each and every bird's special ability by tapping the screen mid-flight. It allows you to pinch in/out of all environments and even drag your finger to check out many different parts at each level. Like its other versions, here also players have to smash multiple destructible objects like crates, boards, TNT, stone, glass and many others. Simply throw all Angry Birds towards locked cages to open it and escape your friends. As game progress, the players also have to take down monkey minions who are hidden in jungle and friends of smugglers.

    From smugglers' warehouse to a rainforest-ringed are completely filled with snow-capped mountains and layers of stunning scenery to give your marvelous gaming experience. With its background, you will feel each and every action in realistic. The game makes seedy side of Rio de Janeiro alive with clinking chains, cries of captured birds, creaking boards and murmur of cars. Check out game's theme with Brazilian-infused twist: the Angry Birds Rio Samba.Collect Golden Fruit by searching lots of hard-to-reach areas. Try to complete all stages in every environment to achieve Area Trophies. If you earn 3 stars in each stage, then you will attach a shiny new star to your earned trophy. Choose from lots of different colored birds like Red, White, Blue, Blu & Jevel and Yellow.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free) Android App Recent Changes
  • Download Angry Birds Rio Update 1.3.2 to see the thrilling conclusion of Airfield Chase! The Angry Birds' exciting journey through Brazil has led them to the airport, where they need your help to free their friends from the dastardly smugglers!
  • New Features include:
  • Update
  • Fixes a minor gameplay issue
  • Improved user experience
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Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free)