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AndCAD Android App & Review

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Category: Productivity Android Apps
Version: 1.8.2
File Size: 1433.60 KB
Publisher: Talon Designs LLP
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About AndCAD Android App
  • Now make 2D CAD drawing anytime at anywhere using AndCAD. The AndCAD is a complete 2D CAD - Computer-aided design application for your Android device that supports DXF file format. Using this handy app, you can manually draft of technical & engineering drawings with ease. It also offers edit option so that user can make changes if needed anytime. AndCad features true vector objects, direct unit input, image underlay, object snapping, autocad dxf import/export (beta), full layer support, tablet support, landscape & portrait mode support. To make your 2D drawing here, you can use many existing Geometric Objects such as Circle, Line, Arc, Polygon, PolyStar, Polyline, Point, Text, Note, Linear Dimension and Aligned Dimension. Demo version of this app is also available without saving facility.

    Forthcoming Features:
    * Additional Dimension Types
    * Block/Symbol Support
    * Trim
    * Extend
    * Mirror
    * Offset
    * Fillet
    * Chamfer

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
AndCAD Screenshots:
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AndCAD Android App Recent Changes
  • v1.8
  • Direct Unit Input Panel:
  • Supports architectural and decimal unit input. Works with all drawing tools as well as move, copy, rotate and scale.
  • Linear/Aligned Dimensions:
  • Units, Precision and other settings available in the Options menu.
  • v1.8.1
  • Bug Fix
  • v1.8.2
  • DXF Import Scale Fix
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