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Ambiance Android App & Review

Downloads: 33
Category: Productivity Android Apps
Version: 1.0.2
Publisher: Urban Apps
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About Ambiance Android App
  • Feel calm, recall and focus with your own created atmosphere through Ambiance app, an atmosphere enhancer. Hear or download from more than 650 free special sounds available on Ambiance and also can mix up sounds, create series via playlists and also get up in the morning by hearing calming sounds.


    * Select sounds from more than 1000 free Ambiance latest sounds which includes sounds from white-noise static to French Cafes, from Binaural Beats to Farm Sounds etc.
    * Addition of new sounds countinuosly, generally on weekly basis
    * If you like the sound, download it immediately for free
    * Produce infinite sound mixes with separate volume controls
    * Through alarm mode you can fall asleep and get up in the morning quietly to the sounds or can mix your own.
    * Cycle-mode arranges sounds according to their capability such as silent, medium, loud and other
    * You can also shuffle mixes up sounds in your playlist
    * Select your favorite sounds so that you can effortlessly find them whenever you want to listen.
    * You can also apply image backgrounds with your camera or photo library or cam apply the image fixed to sound
    * Tag sounds as groups and also use as playlist.


Supported Android versions: All
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