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Free Alarm Clock Xtreme Free Android App & Review

Downloads: 74

Category: Tools Android Apps
(Alarm Android Apps)
Release: 2010-04-17
Version: 3.1
File Size: 6808 KB
Publisher: Angle Labs
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About Alarm Clock Xtreme Free Android App
  • Gently wake up you and start your day with good day through this simple alarm clock named Alarm Clock Xtreme!! It contains various unique features which prevent from excessive snoozing and get you out of the bed. This app uses GPS navigator which automatically disables the alarm clock whenever it detects that you are traveling to your school or work. Now it's possible to set your morning alarm to slowly increase in volume.

    Utilize extra large snooze button in order to prevent from accidentally pressing dismiss. This uniquely designed application provides snooze duration decrease in time after each snooze and set highest number of snoozes. It features random song alarm, gentle alarm volume ramp up, nap alarm with countdown timer, auto-snooze, auto-dismiss, shake to snooze/disable and many more. Also find out settings which help you to get out of the bed and start your day.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.1 and higher
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Alarm Clock Xtreme
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free Android App Recent Changes
  • v2.4.3
  • Important bug fixes for some recently updated Gingerbread phones and other bug fixes.
  • v2.4.2
  • New method for sending error logs and removed permission for reading system logs.
  • Bug fixes. Thanks for the bug reports and for helping to improve this application.
  • v2.4.1
  • Added setting for 24-hour format.
  • Minor bug fixes and added debugging output.
  • v2.4
  • Backup/restore utility
  • Next alarm time widget
  • Added support for set alarm voice action on Android 2.3+
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Alarm Clock Xtreme Free