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AirSync by doubleTwist Android App & Review

Downloads: 80
Category: Music Android Apps
Version: 1.4.2
Publisher: doubleTwist
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About AirSync by doubleTwist Android App
  • Use AirSync app to wirelessly sync all your favorite iTunes music, videos or photos over WiFi right from your smartphone. You can sync all your iTunes medial files with your PC or Mac by using this application. It offers fully automatic wireless import of any of your photos, videos, MP3 purchases or downloads from device to PC/Mac. Also sync iTunes playlists, ratings and playcounts. The users are also allows for streaming their favorite photos or videos from android phone to Xbox/ PlayStation 3 (via AirTwistTM) or Apple TV (via Twist ToTM).

    Note: To import medial files automatically, users have to use this app with free doubleTwist desktop app.

Supported Android versions: Android 1.6 and higher
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AirSync by doubleTwist Android App Recent Changes
  • This updates your AirSync license. You will need to install this update before you install future versions of the free doubleTwist Player to be able to continue using the AirSync and AirTwist features.
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AirSync by doubleTwist