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Free Air War! Android App & Review

Downloads: 144
Category: Games Android Apps
(War Android Apps)
Version: 1.0
Publisher: Mob4 Apps
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About Air War! Android App
  • Air War! is an amazing adventures action game for your android device in which you have to play as a fighter plane and also have to move all over the screen to avoid the bullets. Here, the player has to destroy the fighter planes with bullets coming at him. To move your fighter plane and also to shoot bullets continuously, you can also use your fingers.

    When you'll start the game your life is set at 100 points which will also decrease by 10 points whenever any bullet hits you or any enemy touches you. Remember one thing that when your life turns into 0 then your game is over. It includes 3 challenging levels. You have to acquire 250 points in existing level to go through the next level. As you progrees the speed of the enemy planes will be inceased in each level. There are 3 enemy planes on the screen in the first level, 4 in the second level and 5 in the third level.

Supported Android versions: All
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