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Free Advanced App Locker Android App & Review

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Category: Entertainment Android Apps
(Security Android Apps)
Version: 0.954
File Size: 989 KB
Publisher: AntTek
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About Advanced App Locker Android App
  • Advanced App Locker Android Application offers simple and convenient way to lock any application by 7 alternative methods. It allows you to add virus warning, fake error messages or zombie warning whenever others try to open your private apps.

    Included Seven Alternative Locking Methods:
    - PIN: The user just need to type PIN number in order to open the application.
    - Password: You have to type your own password to open the app.
    - Pattern: Make sure to draw correct pattern to unlock the application which you want.
    - Black screen: Simply touch on the top & right corners N times to open app.
    - Image screen: Shows image screen with "STOP signal" when you try to attempt to open it.
    - Text screen: Whenever any other person tries to open app, they will get text message like "VIRUS WARNING".
    - Dial a number: The users have to dial any number to show all locked apps.

    Get complete protection from unauthorized access to your installed applications & games. Now it's possible to define validity period as well as unlocking option for flexible unlock. It also allows you to customize your image screen & text screen with your own image or text.

Supported Android versions: Android 2.0 and higher
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Advanced App Locker Android App Recent Changes
  • V 0.953: Improve widgets
  • V 0.952: Fixed configuration reset
  • V. 0.95: Add text script lock screen and Add image lock screen
  • V. 94: Added lock service to ensure that the system does not kill the AAL, Add widget to quickly turn on/off and Fixed screen off error
  • V0.93: Add pattern lock
  • V0.921: Fixed 'AAL displays before opening an app' (Thanks blacque) and Fixed minor bug
  • V0.91: Added flexible app filters
  • V0.9: Initial release
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Advanced App Locker