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Acupoints Quiz Part2 Android App & Review

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Category: Health & Fitness Android Apps
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Version: 1.0
Publisher: AM Mobile
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About Acupoints Quiz Part2 Android App
  • Check your knowledge of Chinese established medicine and human structure on your android device by using Acupoints Quiz Part2 app. In this quiz you have to identify the acupuncture spot through the given picture. Here every question comes with 4 possible answers. You have to tap one of the four choices, now if your answer is correct the existing color of pushed button will be changed to green and if your answer is wrong it will be changed to red. You have to give right answer in maximum three efforts. If you get the right answer in your first effort then you will earn 3 points, in second effort you will earn 2 points and in third & last effort you will earn 1 point.

    The purpose of this app is to give knowledge to the users about acupuncture and structure. It can also be apply for testing and educational purposes. Application includes 169 demonstrated questions.

    The following are the points of meridians:
    * Pericardium Meridian
    * Liver Meridian
    * Kidney Meridian
    * Triple Energizer Meridian
    * Governing Vessel (Du Mai))
    * Gall Bladder Meridian
    * Conception Vessel (Ren mai)

Supported Android versions: All
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Acupoints Quiz Part2