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AcroBible NIV Android App & Review

Downloads: 233
Category: Lifestyle Android Apps
(Bible Android Apps)
Version: 4.0.5
Publisher: AcroDesign Technologies
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About AcroBible NIV Android App
  • Read or search the Bible anywhere on your android device through AcroBible NIV app. With this application you can find the whole Bible in seconds by keywords or accurate phrase.

    * Add your favorite verse's bookmarks or copy them on clipboard & also highlight them
    * Add notes to any part of the Bible you want
    * Make your personal Bible at home by synchronizing your notes and also highlighting with iBibleSpace
    * Whole KJV contains the entire old and new evidence
    * Download Greek NT, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, Jamieson/Fausset/Brown Commentary, Easton's Bible Dictionary and ASV, WEB, YLT, RVA, LSG, KJV with Strong's for free.

Supported Android versions: All
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AcroBible NIV