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Aces Bubble Popper (Ad-Free) Android App & Review

Downloads: 39
Category: Games Android Apps
(Bubble Android Apps)
Version: 1.0.4
Publisher: Concrete Software Apps
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About Aces Bubble Popper (Ad-Free) Android App
  • Aces Bubble Popper (Ad-Free) is the most exciting bubble popping game along with a twist. In Classic mode, the players have to burst almost all the bubbles to win. Explode some required number of bubbles within fixed time in Timed mode. Use specials like bubble swap & bubble gum in Super Action mode and clear all the bubbles even faster in order to complete each mini-game & earn additional points. As you progress through higher levels, you will find some additional colored bubbles in the game. Check out your overall, weekly, daily or personal score with integrated online leaderboards.

    * 3 kinds of difficulties from easy to hard.
    * Records various statistics.

Supported Android versions: All
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Aces Bubble Popper (Ad-Free)