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3D Super-G Stunt Android App & Review

Downloads: 37
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.0m
Publisher: OmniG Software Inc. Apps
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About 3D Super-G Stunt Android App
  • 3D Super-G Stunt is a fun-filled flight action game with an addictive game play. During each flight, you have to maneuver the sports plane through various floating sky gates to attain the shortest time and the best performance. Here, every level and sky gate is designed in complicated way to challenge the players' accuracy. Its complicated physics simulation makes your game more realistic. This entertaining game features 8 challenging 3D game levels with different flight courses, sports biplanes with 10 colorful paint jobs and amazing aerobatic stunts. 3D Super-G Stunt also has various camera views, video replay and appealing environments. The players can also enter into 'cockpit' to show their unbeatable stunts.

Supported Android versions: All
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3D Super-G Stunt