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3D Eternal Throne Android App & Review

Downloads: 38
Category: Games Android Apps
Version: 1.2
Publisher: OmniG Software Inc. Apps
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About 3D Eternal Throne Android App
  • 3D Eternal Throne is an adventurous game with 3D graphics.
    Dramatic characters will came across certain challenges while taking part on seven chapters of game. It is mythical themed adventure game where players can take mobile gaming experience.
    During the period of Elysia, a strong combat known as the War of Eternal Succession was fought between the Gods of Light and Shadow. This battle is fought after every hundred years where both teams choose their single female champion to search sacred artifacts known as the Queens Raiment. The winning team is crown by Queen of Elysia and performs all activities in favour of his God.
    If Gods of Light becomes champion then Elysia world is awarded by 100 years of prosperity, peace and bounty. If shadow team wins the combat then Elysia world will be covered by destruction, darkness and shadow creatures causing havoc and terror.

    * This game has high resolution 3D graphics.
    * It is a real time first-person 3D view game.
    * All comical characters are very powerful and smart.
    * Game level designs are wonderful.
    * Sound effects and music are amazing.
    * The gameplay is quite challenging and full of fun.

Supported Android versions: All
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3D Eternal Throne